Je lisais dernièrement l’excellent billet de Joyce Kasman Valenza : Manifesto for 21st century. Des perles sur ce que les bibliothécaires doivent désapprendre, je cite en entier :

1. That the little things really matter to those we serve and teach. (For instance, whether or not we decide to shelve Mc and Mac together.)

2. That you should annually close a library for inventory.

3. That Boolean logic is the best search strategy since sliced bread.

4. That Wikipedia is bad, or less-than-good, in almost every context.

5. That databases are the only online sources with value and credibility.

6. That having a web presence, no–that having a really good and really useful web presence–is optional.

7. That someone else is exclusively or ultimately responsible for learning relating to information and communication and search technologies.

8. That the price initially quoted is the price you have to pay.

9. That vendors’ have the final say.

10. That issues relating to Fair Use are generally going to be answered with the word no.

11. That no really means no or will continue to mean no when it comes to issues relating to access to the information and communication tools of today and intellectual freedom.

12. That intellectual freedom is a phrase connected to books alone.

13. That libraries should be quiet.

14. That libraries should be tidy.

15. That a library’s effectiveness and impact should be measured by the number of books it circulates.

16. That your stakeholders automatically will know what you contribute to your school or your community’s culture.

17. That a library is merely a place to get stuff.

18. That your collection should be just-in-case rather than just-in-time.

19. That someone else is responsible for your professional development.

20. That ubiquity won’t change your practice profoundly.

21. That your library is bounded by its walls.

22. That your library is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

23. That there is a box. (to think outside)

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